How to finish the concrete?

Finishing the concrete needs so much time and effort. This is not as easy as pouring the cement. Not because it’s finished, it’s already done. This is much more meticulous than the starting work. It needs skills and ability to do this. Otherwise, everything won’t work as is expected. 




In having this skill, one must practice and have the appropriate tools to make things done. This is not possible if you don’t have the needed tools to do the work. Moreover, if you want to save your time and money, you might consider calling for an expert. Need somebody that can help you throughout the way in concrete finishing. 


 If you are the kind of person that needs to get beyond excellence and what you have expected then you need to witness all along as the process is done. You need to be in the process along the way to monitor and see to it that it follows your given plan. It’s not necessary that you really need to be there all the time but being there as it happens will be a better decision. 


In finishing this work, you need to be creative in pouring and touching anything. Remember, you cannot start finishing it unless it hardens already. You need to wait for it. This requires patience in handling this job. You also need the appropriate tools through the making such as darby, edging tool, groove and a magnesium concrete hand float. 


In finishing this, you need to have a smooth and shiny result. Not only on the outside appearance but with the quality and excellence of the job. This talks about the durability and the result that last through the years. This could be one of the crucial things to do when finishing. Not, by all means, finishing is easy. This part of the job has the most particular steps to do to get the desired texture, colour, smoothness and durability. Then, everything will be taken by measures.  


There are things to consider whether you are going to start finishing or not yet. Everything must be ready. However, these only are done by getting some skill in these areas. Rather than doing your very best to make this happen, you must save your energy at hand. Leave it to the expert. If you are the kind of person that relies on the expertise and aims for excellence then you must consider putting everything on what is necessary and beneficial. The process of finishing your concrete includes; 

  • Flattens the wet concrete. 
  • Gives a round edge without extra spaces. 
  • Makes joints to control the cracking in the concrete. 
  • Trims concrete surface and puts on a shiny and smooth appearance. 
  • It must be with proper levelling floating, and trowelling 
  • Steel trowelling can be used in smoothing the texture. 
  • Push and pull the tools carefully to smoothen the surface. 
  • Using broom techniques is one way of having slip-resistant concrete. 
  • Washing the top layer makes it resistant to finish.  
  • Putting some pigments colours. 
  • Having colours and designs. 

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