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Homemade Skin Toner

You can make your own homemade skin toner by making mixture of 2-tablespoon each cucumber and carrot juice. This is an excellent toner for the skin, especially during winters. Vodka makes a good pore-tightening astringent cum toner for a oily skins. To tighten skin pores, cover the body with a mixture of 2 piece cucumber, 2-tablespoon mint, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice and 2-3 drops of vinegar.

Skin Masage

In olden times, people used to massage their scalp and other parts of the body with some oil on a regular basis. This enhanced the softness of the skin and the massage helped to improve the blood circulation and induce relaxation of muscles. Professionals, who specialised in massaging, developed techniques to produce maximum relaxation and a feeling of well being. Although the oil applied on the skin was used mainly to facilitate a smooth movement of the hands on the skin, in due course professionals starting using a variety of other oils to obtain some therapeutic benefits. The majority of such oils contained rubifacients and mild counter-irritants which primarily helped to improve the blood circulation.

With the advent of modernisation, the practise of using oils and massaing the skin has progessively declined. This is partly due to the fact that most people have realised that applying oil on the skin and the hair is useless, and massage is time-consuming. However, massage is a relaxing experience provided the individual can spare the time. Those who donot like to apply oil, can massage by applying talcum powder on the skin to facillitate a smooth movements of the hands. 

Infantile Atopic Dermatitis

Signs of atopic dermatitis appearing during infancy are called infantile atopic dermatitis or infactile eczema. The earliest manifestations usually appear when the infact is only two-months old and consist of severely itchy eruptions with exudation, which commonly start on both the chicks and quickly spread to other parts of the face, and then two other regions of the body. Sometimes however, the manifestations can start from some other region of the body rather than the face.

The most characteristic feature of infantile atopic dermatitis is the itching which is for more severe when compared to the intensity of the skin lesions. If the patient is not treated properly, it can lead to heavy crusting over the lesions with superadded bacterial infection, and the child can be very uncomfortable. The intensity of the dermatitis can very from time to time and the pattern also varies in different patients. The disease runs a variable course - it can remit spontaneously in a year or two to reapper at a later stage as a childhood atopic dermatitis, it may not appear at all throughout the rest of the life of the patient, or it may manifest as asthma or allergic rhinitis at a large scale. In some cases infantile eczema does not remit at all and slowly changes into the childhood face of atopic dermatitis.