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How to Exfoliate

Take a little bit of the exfoliating cream, gel or scrub suited for your skin type and gently rub it on your already cleansed face.
Lightly rub the mixture all over your face avoiding the eyes and the area around the lips. Rub for only about ten seconds to avoid irritation.
Rinse with warm water, until you […]

Exfoliating Face Mask

The exfoliating mask is designed to remove dead cells From the surface of the skin and to encourage the growth of new cells. It helps in increasing blood circulation and brings a glowto the skin. A good home-made Face scrub is made froma mixture of wheat husk or chokker, a Few drops of milkand rose […]

Homemade Skin Toner

You can make your own homemade skin toner by making mixture of 2-tablespoon each cucumber and carrot juice. This is an excellent toner for the skin, especially during winters. Vodka makes a good pore-tightening astringent cum toner for a oily skins. To tighten skin pores, cover the body with a mixture of 2 piece cucumber, […]